Christmas Parade Reschedled December 9 @ 6pm

Join us for the Annual Christmas Parade this Saturday, December 9 at 6pm. Night of Lights themed event.

Trash and Recycle Pickup Delay on December 4, 2023

Trash and Recycle Pickup is delayed for December 4, 2023. It is scheduled to be pickedup on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. Thank you for your patience.

Election Results form the November 7, 2023 General Election

MAYOR Clark Hill (I) 847 COUNCILMAN WARD III Mark Fitzpatrick (I) 147 Alicia Vargas 67 COUNCILMAN WARD IV Bobby Redmon 299 COUNCILMAN WARD V Roshuanda Adams Merritt 72 Ronald Silver 51 Mary Vitug 68 SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT III Matthew Dean 191 SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT IV Kyle E. Moore 295 SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT V Cory Griffith 159 SPECIAL SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT I Nathan Anderson 83 SPECIAL GENERAL OBLIGATON BONDS Yes 484 No...

3 way Stop Clayton and Oak Streets

Pub Notice: The City of Commerce has elected to establish a 3-way stop at the intersection of Oak St. and Clayton St. to help combat speeding in the area. The new intersection will stop 2-way traffic on Clayton St. @ Oak St. New stop signs will be installed at this intersection the week of 10/09/2023. Once installed, a 30-day grace period will follow during which no traffic citations will be issued unless a vehicle in violation is involved in a motor vehicle accident. ...

Unified Development Code (UDC)

Please click here to see the Unified Development Code (UDC)

2023 Five Year History



PSA: Comcast is preparing to install telecommunication lines in multiple parts of the city of Commerce. Citizens may see city personnel locating and flagging utilities located underground. This will result in different color flags being placed in the ground to mark utilities present. Please DO NOT MOVE, REMOVE, MODIFY or MOW OVER the flags during this time as these markings stand to help protect our vital city infrastructure (gas, water, sewer, electric and fiber). If you have questions or...

2023 Water Quality Report

2023 Water Quality Report